Strategic Plan

Matamata College’s strategic plan for 2024-2025

“All students achieveing education success as confident, connected, lifelong, resilient learners.”

Our Mission Statement

At Matamata College we strive for ‘Quality Education for All’

By this we mean:
Quality – the very best we can provide
Education – opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom
All – meeting the needs of all students

Our Values


To be accoutnable to, and improve, to meet the needs of our students and all members of the community.


To improive student enagement by connecting the curriculum to students’ wider lives and community.


We ensure the school values and vision underpin the actions in the school to promote wellbeing.


We value input and partnerships with all stakeholders we have in our community.

Success for All

We work with students and staff to identify their gaosl and aspirations enabling them to reach their potential.