Travis Scott

2005 to 2009

Travis is a man with a mission.  While here at school there wasn’t a minute in the day where he was idle.  In the classroom he was exceptional, on the sports field he was a top competitor and among his peers he was a leader and forward thinker.

Travis gained Excellence in all three levels of NCEA and in Year 13 he earned an NZQA Scholarship.  He was modest about his achievements.

During his school years he was a competitive tennis player, training 4-5 times per week and he represented the Waikato region from ages 12-18.  While at school he and Beau Wills had a spirited rivalry when competing for the Boys Championship Singles title at all three levels.  (Beau now has taken up a tennis scholarship in the US – his profile is on the Sports Alumni).  He played competitively (with Beau) at the Walton Tennis Club and in that time Walton won the Waikato Senior Men’s Interclub competition on two occasions.  Since leaving school Travis has played for the Mission Bay Caro Bowl Reserve Interclub Team, of which he is the current captain.  Travis has now become involved with coaching junior players at the club.

Travis also played football for the College 1st XI during Year 12 and 13 and he has continued to play since.

At school Travis was involved in public speaking and debating, as well as the school production in his final year.  Upon leaving school his time has been more focused on academic pursuits but he has found time to be able to assist with charity work.  He helps his mother Linda, undertake dog walking and fundraising for Assistance Dogs NZ and helps his twin sister Alana, who is organising a lake restoration involving planting and caring for 10,000 native trees!

Travis, from school, headed for The University of Auckland and in 2014 he graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering, specializing in Computer Systems.  He was awarded this degree with First Class Honours and graduated top of his class.

While at university he worked as a teaching assistant for several courses as well as undertaking some industry internships.  His first full-time position is with Tru-Test Ltd, a firmware engineer business where he is working as a new product engineer in their research lab, designing hardware and low-level software for new electronic agricultural products.

Travis is looking at heading overseas in 2015 to undertake further study in Computer Engineering, most likely somewhere in North America or Europe.  Further in the future he would like to work in fields applying new technologies to global issues, such as sustainability and energy management.  He is very aware the world faces a multitude of challenges, and he wants to be part of developing and applying technological solutions to address them.