Tony Moore

1970 to 1973

In Tony’s words he was a “loser” at school.  I don’t think so.  Tony completed his 6th Form year and went on to University where he qualified in Accountancy, then completed his Associated Chartered Accountancy Exams.  His University studies were completed at Waikato University.

Sport was not high on the priority list at school for Tony but he did play basketball in his final year – probably because he grew “a mile”.

He returned to Matamata and worked for Noble & Lee Chartered Accountants for seven years before heading off overseas.   Tony didn’t do the big “OE” – he started his working life at the Rarotongan Hotel (Cook Islands) for seven years, then on to Papua New Guinea  for three years where he worked for Fletcher Construction, and then on to Hawaii working for Fletchers  for a further 10 years.   Next stop was San Francisco working for Watts Constructors for four years.  He now lives in Richmond, CA, USA.

Tony is now self-employed and has a consulting company providing accounting services to government contractors in the USA (

Kiwi Consulting is head-quartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and has clients throughout the United States. They provide senior part-time expertise at the CFO and Controller levels, and specialize in assisting federal contractors with their DCAA compliance tasks. Our team includes former DCAA auditors who perform all types of DCAA Consulting services. Our clients enjoy the benefits of advanced expertise, while limiting the cost and commitment of additional staff.

Tony along with his wife of 11 years Jie, have set up a Mandarin Immersion school in Berkley California.  As they were unable to locate a satisfactory Mandarin program for their daughter Maya, Jie decided to start her own school.

Shu Ren Founders
Jie Moore, Head of School – B.S. in Biology from Beijing University, and Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Washington. After graduate school, Jie worked as a Research Scientist at the University of Washington for six years during which she studied a variety of issues related to academic and social/emotional development among children and adolescents. Through her research, she began to think it might be beneficial to children in the United States if we could combine the best educational approaches and cultural perspectives of China and the United States. This early thought, coupled with a series of events in the last few years (such as having a child of her own and failing to find a satisfactory Mandarin immersion program in the East Bay area), triggered her decision to start Shu Ren.

Tony Moore, CFO – Waikato University, New Zealand, ACA and member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants. Tony’s role at Shu Ren will be primarily in finance and IT. He is currently President of Kiwi Consulting, Inc. providing financial and accounting consultation services to the construction industry.

Tony also has a 26 year old son, married and living in Australia and of course two dogs – German Shepard Rascal and Shiba Inu, Chance.

Tony’s late father Ron, Veteran of World War II was a very well-known Return Servicemen in NZ and Matamata.  A brief summary of his survival crossing the desert has been written by Tony.

Dad was born in Te Aroha in 1915 and his main claim to fame is having me as a son…luckily that is a total lie!

He enlisted for WWII as soon as he could and requested to be in the special services unit.  He ended up in the Long Range Desert Group, a Special Forces unit working largely behind enemy lines in the Libyan Desert.  In 1941, Trooper Moore and his patrol were ambushed while over 200 miles from base.  Four men survived by hiding amongst some rocks.  Two of them were wounded including Dad who had shrapnel in his foot. They had to decide whether to surrender or walk over 200 miles back to their base with six litres of water between them and no food.  They decided to walk.   After 10 days of walking they were spotted by the free French and the surviving two men were taken back to camp. For his bravery Dad was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Upon returning from WWII he farmed in Tahuna for many years and then moved to Matamata in 1959 and became one of the team at Flemings Electrical, before they eventually sold to Wrightson.  

Those of you that remember Dad will probably remember how stubborn he could be! Without that stubbornness and determination he probably would not have survived that walk.