Thomas Sainsbury

1995 to 1999

At school Thomas was into everything drama.  His talent was immense.  In school productions Thomas was usually the lead and his wit and charisma on stage was limitless.  He did find time to participate in sports as well – particularly hockey and athletics.

Thomas moved to Auckland to do a BA at Auckland University.  After choosing English Literature and Theatre as his major, he has been involved as a writer, director and performer for both university productions and the underground theatre scene.
After graduating he formed the theatre company “Fingerprints” and Teeth Productions. With this company he has written and produced his plays Main Street, Basement and Caustic.
In 2007 Thomas directed the University of Auckland Outdoor Summer Shakespeare festival.  He has represented New Zealand at the Biannual World Interplay festival in Townsville, Australia, and is having his play, Caustic, workshopped in the Adam Playreadings at Downstage.

Thomas is an exciting new talent in New Zealand comedy.  His work is challenging, down-to-earth, funny and refreshingly unsettling.  He’s also a powerhouse of productivity; writing and directing over 15 plays in the past six years.  Four plays Thomas has had published, The Mall, Loser, Sunday Roast and The Christmas Monologues have been performed in the UK, US, France, Greece and Australia.  The television show written by Thomas, Super City, won best actress and was nominated for best comedy and best script at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

He has also worked with the country’s top acting talent including Siobhan Marshall (Outrageous Fortune), Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune), Beth Allen (Shortland St), and Keisha Castle- Hughes.

Thomas has won Playmarket’s Young Playwright Competition on four occasions and has been nominated for the Bruce Mason Award three times.

Currently Thomas is working on making a feature film.  One of his future endeavours is to travel to every country in the world!

He says he is planning to stay single – but that hasn’t lasted very long!!

The Level 3 Drama class of 2012 is about to perform Thomas’ play “Loser” –   “a high school reunion provides fertile territory for an inspired piece of high spirited mayhem.  Six ex-classmates turn up for their 10 year celebration…..”