Sue Cummings

1985 to 1989

The Form 7 Class of ‘89 has produced many very successful individuals.  Sue being one of them.  She gained all her qualifications at school (School C, 6th Form Certificate and Higher School C) then headed to Uni to complete a B Sc and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dairy Science and Technology.


At school Sue was a member of yet another successful ‘A’ Netball team.  Her contemporaries who were the head students that year were Kylie Mace and Shane Wotherspoon.


Her working history is impressive.  She has had 24 years in the dairy industry in a wide variety of roles.  Sue started with Anchor Products at Waitoa in the laboratory.  She joined a graduate training programme then moved into Operations running a shift making Paediatric powders.


When Fonterra was formed Sue became part of the Supply Chain Group.  She lead the Nutritional Technical Team (approx 20 staff) accountable for NPD (National Product Development), technical customer service and consumer packing of Paediatric powders for multinationals and regional brand owners.  In 2012 Sue moved to Singapore into a Global Sales role for one of Fonterra’s key global customers and for the last 12 months has been in a B2B Global Category Marketing role for Paediatrics and Active Nutrition based in Chicago.


Working for Fonterra and its predecessors has given her many opportunities to travel for business and to also find time for extensive personal travel.  Sue says it is great to work for a NZ Company offshore, she feels like she is still contributing to NZ whilst enjoying the opportunity to live overseas.  Getting the best of both worlds is great and she is always excited when the next  opportunity comes along!


Sue is relishing her opportunities offshore.  Currently she thinks she is likely to be in Chicago for a couple more years then see what comes next.  Might be back to NZ of somewhere else.


Her family (husband and 2 children, Mackensie 6 and Jaxon 5) are enjoying life on the go!