Shane Menzies

1985 to 1989

Shane is highly motivated and his energies have taken him to all parts of the globe.  He left school with 6th Form Certificate during his 7th form year joined the Royal New Zealand Navy commencing a six year apprenticeship in Radio Electronics.  Shane has a technician’s certificate in telecommunications, various business management qualifications, adult learning and engineering (amongst others).  From 1990 to the present Shane has served with the Royal New Zealand Navy.

He has had a number of operational deployments to global hot spots – second gulf war, (global war against terrorism), peace keeping missions in East Timor and Solomon Islands amongst others.  He has had a secondment to the Ministry of Defence responsible for Engineering acceptance of seven new ships.  Now he is supporting Naval activities from an Engineering Authority as the Superintendent of Communications and Electronic Warfare.


At school Shane was involved with cricket and soccer at various levels.  Now his full-on job leaves him little time for sports but with a six year old daughter and three year old son no doubt his and wife Jay’s interests will be revived.


Shane’s background makes very interesting reading “Linked In” – his official title: Marine Superintendent Communications and Electronic Warfare at Royal New Zealand Navy