Sally-Ann McKean

1979 to 1983

Sally-Ann will be remembered by many staff and students as a young lady with an endearing personality and love for life!


She gained all qualifications through to Form 7 and commenced her degree at Waikato.  Completing her degree is still on the “to do” list.  She was offered a job half was through her study which she took and now reckons she’s done pretty well in life without a degree.  I think her degree has been in “charming and entertaining” people!  (My perspective and recollection!)


Sally-Ann worked for Westpac from 1987 to 2005 then went into real estate for three years – about the time of the financial crash.  She left real estate in 2008 and went to work for Bowls NZ.  She is a “Greeny” working for the Green Party and this year shifted to Wellington to work in Parliament.  She has a position working for Parliamentary Service as a Member Support Staff Manager where she is apolitical.  She has had a chat with Sue Moroney and Judith Collins to let them know there is another “Matamata Old Girl” in the Parliamentary Precinct.


Most of her friends did the Big OE, but not Sally-Ann.  Now she thinks how wonderful it would be to spend a year or two travelling round Aotearoa NZ in a campervan to enjoy, appreciate and respect this beautiful country.


Over the last few years her focus has been getting involved with the community.  She and her partner lived in Mangere East in South Auckland.  She was fortunate enough to get involved in a wee bit of activism to stop a motorway being built through their suburb and that involvement has led to her making some wonderful friends who work tirelessly to bring back that sense of community to their suburb.  She was part of the experience that mobilised a community.  Pretty incredible to see how flaxroots organising is done!  She has been on a couple of protest marches and the very first one got her adrenaline pumping.   It hit home how lucky we are to be able to live in a democracy where we can do this legally and safely – unlike some places where you would be arrested for expressing your views.


Currently she is learning NZSL (sign language) and if that goes well she wants to start her journey of learning Te Reo Maori.


Her life has been a pretty awesome journey to bring her to where she is now – some ups and some downs and she’s pleased to say, way more ups than downs.  After nearly 30 years of living in Auckland she moved to Wellington to take up a role with the Green Party.  Her role isn’t really about politics, it’s about the people and systems that support the politics.  Moving to the role within Parliamentary Service means she will be leaving the Greens.


Sally-Ann loves Wellington – the coffee is incredible.  They’ve gone from living in a three-bedroom house with a pool on a big section to a two-bedroom apartment five minutes’ walk from Cuba Street.  They’ve sold their vehicles and either walk, bus, taxi or cycle everywhere.  It’s actually been really liberating; a little bit like downsizing your life.  Possibly getting ready for the retirement village – in 50 years time!!


The coolest thing about where she lives is that she works one building away from her wonderful school friend, Dora Tuimaseve!