RANGI (Winiata) and LANDELLS DOUGLAS and Whanau

1963 to 1965

Born Pisces 18 March 1950 in Matamata, my mum Alice Fox was born, raised and schooled at Te Poi then on to Matamata Junior High.  Mum worked at Okoroire and Tirau Hotels in her day as a house-maid.  Then met and married my Dad, Tuainuku Winiata – born Levin, Manawatu and came to Matamata to work at the age of 18 around 1947-48. Worked for Joe Swap Contractors then onto the NZ Co-operative Dairy Co where he remained until just prior to its closure.

I am the second oldest of nine of children of Alice and Tuainuku Winiata  

I began my schooling 1955 at Waharoa Primary under the Headmaster Mr Connell then onto Matamata Intermediate which was still part of the College in the “V” Block.  I was part of the group  who carried desks and books across the field to our new establishment in Smith Street in September of ’61.  Two consecutive years in home class of teacher Brian Coomber I enjoyed being part of our Culture Group as it was called then – now Maori Performing Arts as well as my favourite sport of netball.  Playing and Captain of Intermediate A 1962  

My netball interests continued into my College years with Miss Sanderson in 1963 in 3rds A and onwards.  

1963 graduated to Matamata College where Mr Arthur Lucas was Principal and Miss Tompkin was our Head Mistress.  I studied in the Commercial class as I was very keen to push buttons on a typewriter, with the aim to become a proficient typist.  Pitman’s Shorthand and Typing were my favourite subjects.  My dad realised how keen I was to learn this trade that he went out of his way to pay to hire an Imperial Typewriter from Mr Turner, most will remember him, from Turners Mart which was in Broadway situated approx where Hobbiton Sushi is now.  I would stay up late just to practice my asdfgf space, etc as my time of hiring the typewriter was usually over-night or when dad could afford to, (having 8 kids was a bit much), he would treat me with an extra night – until time he could put it in his budget.  I am not too sure how much it was but 5/- (Five shillings = 50c), was a lot of money then.  Thank you my Dad and Mum.  At least you got to see me go off to work for Stan Lott, Manager of MLC and NZ Insurance, after he came to Matamata College in search of an Office Person in 1966.  Yes I scored my first office job back then.  Stan Lott was given two names by Matamata College.  The other lovely person decided to train as a Hairdresser so interviewed me.  Yippee…. I think I still have my first payslip from way back then.  NZI (MLC), Tui Buildings, Tui Street (now parking lot by NZ Post).  

My working life was brought to a brief halt when I married another ex student of Matamata College, Landells Douglas.  Landells and I married and raised four children:  Cassandra, Amanda, Jamie (James) and Joshua all of whom journeyed through Matamata College.  It was not until our no 3, Jamie started school, was it that I could return to the work force.  Fortunate enough to start in the NZDC Waharoa where my Dad, my Mum, 4 brothers, 2 sisters (all but one was younger than myself), were employed) – I began in the Blue Room, part of the Laboratory – milk testing.  This job was awesome under the guidance of Harry Widdup, long standing member of the Matamata Community.  I learned the ropes really quickly and built up a long lasting relationship with members all the families I grew up with.  However, over time I still had the need to return to the job of “hitting buttons” but still dealing with people.  This opportunity was given to me when the Manager of the NZDC Waharoa took me into the Administration department.  Here I thrived under the expertise of Mr Mansell Nowell (another Matamata College ex student).  It was about this time, that my baby sister (ex Matamata College student of course like the rest),  who was working in Admin moved away to the Bay of Plenty.    

After a number of years at NZCDC (with name changes such as Anchor Products, NZ Dairy Group and now Fonterra), I thrived in my work knowledge in the Dairy Industry as well as a member of the communities of Waharoa and Matamata), as my children went through their education years.  Then out of the blue, one day, my oldest daughter in her last year at Matamata College finds she is to become a big sister again.  Shock horror…., my work life had to go on hold yet again.  Awesome though, because at the age of 13 my son Jamie (James), became a big brother to a little brother – Joshua.  This time around though, I returned to NZCDC not too long after Joshua’s birth to work alongside of Nitrate Testing Cadets in the Laboratory as well as part time cleaner in the Coolstores then returned to the Adminstration side again as Secretary to the Operations Manager Mansell, again and then Ross Tocker.  

With the times a-changing, our NZCDC Waharoa looked at closure of the Butter Factory, then not long after the Milk Powder Section along with Transport when all of our dear employees were made redundant or took work at surrounding sites.  When Administration was finally closed, I along with my work colleagues ventured out into other walks of employment.  Fortunately enough, yet again, a position at NZI Insurance (my very first job out of school), came available and on application, I began in “New Business” with more wonderful people under the Manager Mr Murray Brain.   

Gosh, closures were following me around I think..  after a couple of years due to centralisation or whatever they named it, our NZI Office in Matamata’s closure, had me move on once again…  

Kei te pai!  

From here I did a most enjoyable time in Tourism work as the front desk person at the Matamata I-Site.  This work was another awesome spot to be in.  Along with Manager Sue Whiting, I learnt more about Tourism as well as being front person to visitors to our town, which I thoroughly enjoyed and thrived in, even though it was part time.    

Not too far along, another opportunity came up for me when I applied and was interviewed by the BOT of Matamata Intermediate as they had a vacancy for School Secretary.  

After some time along Mr Steve Morgan and staff, an opportunity came up which saw me seek another move, just over the fence, back to Matamata College.  With the move of a special lady in administration, a position arose as Receptionist under the Acting Principal Mr Glenn Rowsell who then became Principal soon after my start 21st January 2001.  On the departure of Mrs Anne Green, I was very cordially accepted on application, to Anne’s very long standing position as Principal’s Secretary at Matamata College.  

So here I am, Rangi Winiata, from Waharoa,  now Mrs Rangi Douglas, Whaea Rangi, Nana, Aunty, Mum whatever you wish to call me – that has been my “Circle of Life” I guess I will call it.  

My sports interests continued as Coach and Manager of different netball teams over the years both within Intermediate School and College and Club as I followed my grand daughters as they ventured through.  

Ngaa mihi koutou.  Enjoy the 100 year celebration of our school”  Te Kura Tuarua of Matamata.  Matamata College.  

Landells Douglas:  son of Landells and Ruby Douglas  

Born:  29 August 1947      

Schooled:  Okauia Maori School,  Waharoa Primary, Matamata Intermediate & Matamata College.  

One of Eight children – all of whom attended same schools as Landells  

On leaving secondary education Landells was employed by Mr Joe Bing (father of Ken Joe) well known Fruiter in Matamata – when he had his shop in Broadway.  Landells always respected this family in the small time he was employed there.   

Landells moved on as a small machine operator at the firm of “J Swap Contractors Ltd” where he graduated through hard work with a shovel in ditches and drains, and dedication to machine operating over the years – to become a proficient and well known Hydraulic Machine Operator for Joe Swap and his sons David and Lewis.  Landells, a quiet and unassuming person (words from his wife and close friends), worked hard and diligently on every machine that he had the opportunity to work with, thanks to the firm who employed him.  With opportunities at the “Field Days” I think Landells became more known to the farming community over time. At these days  he was known to make the huge “Dinosaurs Dance”.   I think he may have been one of the first to break ground at “Martha Mines” project some years ago.  In 1987, after 20 plus years at J Swaps, he left and did a short stint with Tidco before starting in the Butter Factory of NZCDC.  With the closure of the Butter Factory, like many others he transferred to the Transport Dept as a Tanker Driver.  Once the Waharoa Site closed in 1993, Landells transferred to the Waitoa Site Transport under Fonterra.  Landells retired from Fonterra 2017.  


Children of Rangi & Landells Douglas  
Cassandra  Douglas  

1974 – 1981 Firth Primary – played netball right through these years  

1981-1982 Matamata Intermediate – netball the same  

1983-1987 Matamata College  – continued to play netball.  Also played indoor basketball with our whanau club of Wairere coached by her grandfather Landells Douglas Senior.  Went on to rep Matamata in 3rd Div NZ Champs held here in Matamata  

Outside of school enjoyed touch rugby in later years.    

End of school years worked for a short time then raised 3 daughters Hope Hana and Ruby and then her youngest, a son – Douglas.    

Whilst raising her children Cassandra has worked as a Nurse Aide in the Maternity Annexe of Pohlen Hospital,  Teacher Aid at Matamata College both in mainstream and then into Totara Learning Centre. She then became a Tour Guide at Hobbiton .  Furthering herself in this field she attained the necessary driving licences to become a Bus Driver and Tour Guide.   Cassandra is now 2IC  Bus Co-ordinator as well as  Tour Guide Co-ordinator at Hobbiton spending a large amount of time with ex college students who have taken up employement at Hobbiton,. 

Amanda Douglas  

Firth Primary  

Waharoa Primary  

Matamata Intermediate  

Matamata College  

Played netball like her older sister Cass throughout her different schools.  Mandy enjoyed sports along with musical productions.  In her days at Waharoa Primary she had a small role in the Matamata College’s school production of “South Pacific” as as Ngana a little French girl alongside Ralph Kaukau, also of Waharoa Primary.  Mandy continued her interests productions throughout college.  Prior to finishing school she attended a Performing Arts establishment in Waharoa and at Te Omeka Marae.  After a small stint with NZCDC Mandy continued in other forms of hospitality work and on returning home, has found work with the elderly people of our community, in Country Lodge.  

Jamie (James) Douglas 

Firth Primary, Matamata Intermediate and Matamata College.  

Jamie enjoyed rugby and kapa haka.  Played for Matamata College rugby as well at the college Basketball teams throughout his years at school.  On leaving college James worked for the MPDC for a number of years before he travelled to work in Maori Performing Arts, Ngaa Hau E Wha, Otautahi – Christchurch. After a number of years living down South James returned home to his family in Waharoa.  He enjoyed music and along with a group of friends, formed a band which he took a great interest in before heading to Australia.  James works and lives in Sydney along with his two children Jarryn and Kaydee Maree.

Joshua Douglas 

Waharoa Primary, Matamata Intermediate, Matamata College (2000-2003)  

Left school attended Manaakitanga o Aotearoa Performing Arts (Rotorua) under the tutelage of Sir Howard Morrison, Donna Grant and Howie Morrison.  On completion of his levels here he was accepted into the NZ Armed Forces, Army as a Rifleman.  Trained in Waiouru then onto Burnham.  Graduated out of Burnham to take residency in camp at Waiouru until he was deployed to Afghanistan.  On his return from Afghanistan came out of the RNZ Army to continue his Performing Arts.  During this time studied Sports and Recreation at BOP Tauranga and graduated out of there, still continuing doing his Kapahaka.  

 The years that followed, took Josh to Samoa, Hawaii, Utah (where he performed as Maui in a production).  A highlight for Joshua would have to be performing at the Queen’s Jubilee in the UK as a member of the Nga Uri o Te Whanoa.  Performing with this roopu (group), has given Joshua the opportunities to perform at Te Matatini Maori Festival at National level since 2009.  He will be performing at Te Arawa Regionals prior to our Centenary in March, with the hopes of making it once again into Te Matatini competition 2019.  Away from his Performing Arts, Joshua has studied in Carpentry and Horticulture.  Joshua has an 8 year old daughter, who I am sure will follow in the footsteps of her dad and mum, performing arts.  

Cassandra’s tamariki 

Hope Douglas (now Mahanga) 30/1/2003 – 31/8/2006  

Hana Douglas 7/2/2006 – 10/11/2010  

Ruby Douglas-Hughes – 2/2/2010 – 21-3-2014  

(Douglas Lloyd – currently at Matamata Intermediate

 The three girls all journeyed through Matamata College at all levels, enjoying their sports throughout their years in the company of their friends and family.    

Hope, Hana and Ruby made College A Netball levels working their way through to Matamata Representative or Thames Valley levels.   

Before Hope married and had her children, she worked for Fitzone Matamata.   

Hope is the mum of four children, now living in Australia.  

Hana, on leaving Matamata College – attending BOP studied Sport & Recreation and then studied to become a Teacher.  After doing a stint of 3 years in the UK, Hana returned and gained employment at Te Puke High School where she teaches and Coaches/ Co-ordinates/TIC in the sports of Netball and Volleyball, two of her great likes whilst at Matamata College.  Hana gained placement in all A teams through to College A.  Matamata Representative in all levels along with Thames Valley.  

The same goes pretty much for Ruby – through the netball grades at A levels as well as in Volleyball,  like her older sibling Hana.  Ruby still continues to enjoy these two sports codes helping others where and when she can.  Ruby has a 2.6year old daughter as I write this.  

Ruby works in Hospitality at Hobbiton which she is currently enjoying very much.