Peter Vosper

1988 to 1994

If anyone was bound to accomplish something “Futuristic” post school it would be a “Vosper”.  Peter, the youngest of five highly intelligent, uninhibited, original and dynamic kids was full of enthusiasm.  Peter was a “stage” man but it wasn’t until he left school and Matamata that he discovered dancing in its myriad of forms.

Peter gained a NZCE (NZ Certificate in Engineering) qualification and was soon into doing what he loved and excelled at – dancing.  Eventually he combined his love of dance with his engineering and computer skills and created his own dance company “Vospertron”.  In the years that followed Peter has been touring his Troupe around the world doing multimedia/dance performances for big corporations such as Sony, BMW and Microsoft.  His performances include Spectacular Visual Shows, Live Neon Dance Multi Media Performances and Futuristic Environments.  To find out more, take the time to check out Peter’s website, – amazing accolades and a real insight into his company.

Vospertron Performance Group is a company of dancers, choreographers and media artists who integrate unique electroluminescent lightsuits with movement choreography, music and visual components for corporate events, music festivals and artistic projects.

We provide a sense of ‘sci-fi’ awe and spectacle to any occasion by confusing realities for the audience through manipulation of projected image and live glowsuit performance. We create media-rich environments with interactive possibilities for the audience. Multiple projectors and distributed sound systems are our artist’s palette.
Vospertron creates a unique performance for every client, based around their theme, staging requirements and available budget. We have performed shows designed for high end corporate value events, gala diners, product launches, marketing campaigns and music and art festivals. Vospertron’s shows can range in size from two to thirty dancers and the length of the act varies depending strictly on our client’s time guidelines.

Vospertron have performed shows around the world for the last ten years in countries such as Japan, New Zealand, China, Italy, Fiji, Malaysia, India, Spain, Australia and Thailand. The company has New Zealand as the headquarters office and has creative bases in Australia, South America and Europe.

Currently Peter is building a collective of artists in Berlin so that he can base his productions closer to his clients and also to be closer to his son Nico who is three years old and lives with his mother in Norway.  Peter spends plenty of time in Europe on business which enables him to take an active part in the upbringing of Nico.