Natalie Curtis

1999 to 2003

Amazing feats this young lady has achieved – all at a very young age.  “A WORLD CHAMPION!”

Natalie commenced this illustrious shooting career at the 14. She started at college when Mr Oliver put a gun in her hand, sent her off to the local Gun Club and what follows is quite remarkable.

At school Natalie was a high achiever.  She is on the “300+” board for SC, gained 6th Form Certificate and in Year 13 gained a B Bursary.  From school Natalie attended Waikato University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science specialising in Biological Sciences.

Natalie has not had much time to pursue a career using her degree as she has spent so much time travelling, competing in events in many countries.  Currently she works locally at the Matamata Sports Centre and at the moment is focussing on getting fitter as her aim now is to apply for Police College.

Natalie was keen on a range of sports at school including volleyball, cricket and netball but when her ability with a “gun” was recognised she had little time for anything other than the gun club.

The school shooting team has had (and still has) a reputation – much of this attributed to Natalie’s successes and she was well supported by other shooters under the tutelage of Mr Graham Oliver.

When at school the team won New Zealand Secondary Schools, North Island, South Island and New Zealand team titles, and Natalie won the North Island and New Zealand high gun individual girls titles.

She was first selected to represent NZ at the age of 17 and her first overseas venture was to England where she finished High Gun Ladies Champion at the 2004 World DTL (Down the Line) Championships

Still in her 20’s Natalie has attended four World Championships – UK 2004, Australia 2006, Ireland 2008 and South Africa 2010.

Results from this Worlds are:  UK 2004 – High Gun Ladies Champion Gold Medal and Ladies Team Gold Medal.  In Australia 2006 – Australian National Ladies Single Barrel Bronze, DTL World Champs Ladies Team Bronze.  Ireland 2008 – five  preworld medals, Ladies Team World Gold and Ladies World Individual Silver.  South Africa 2010 – South African Grand Ladies Gold, 5th overall South African Grand, Ladies World Team Gold.  DTL or ‘down the line’ shooting is the type of shooting Natalie competes in.

While in Ireland Natalie gained employment for the better part of a year but as the recession hit, the jobs dried up.  That gave her an opportunity to do some touring throughout Europe.

Some of the highlights Natalie can recount are:

First woman to win the Dick Claude Memorial Shoot in Thames

Won the North Island Open Single Barrel on one occasion and the North Island Open Points Score on two occasions.

First trip overseas she won the World Title.

Member of the Open New Zealand Mackintosh (National Team) twice.

Won the Ladies event in the European Open in Wales

In South Africa she shoot in the South African Grand National Competition

Matamata Piako sportsperson of  the year 2008 and 2010
Junior sportsperson of the year 2004
Junior sportswoman of the year at the Waikato Regional Sports awards 2004 and finalist in 2010
Sportswoman of the year at Waikato University in 2004

Earned sporting blues at Waikato University in 2004 and 2006


Natalie is still involved but not as often as she would like as it is a very expensive sport.


Natalie’s younger sister also attended Matamata College from 2001 to 2005.  Presently sister, Leanne is living and teaching in London.  Natalie’s Mum Carol Stuck attended Matamata College and has lived and worked here all of her life.