Maurice Williamson MP

1964 to 1969

Maurice was raised in Matamata, attending Hinuera Primary, Matamata Primary, Matamata Intermediate and then Matamata College.  He gained University Entrance and “A” Bursary in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Applied Mathematics.

Maurice’s oratory skills were evident from his school days.  He was captain of the debating team and also won the speech contest.  As well, he was on stage performing in numerous school plays and dramas.  Maurice’s last stage performance at Matamata College was in 2012 when he took part in a debate involving the three current ex-Matamata College National Party Members versus members of the school staff.  Of course the teachers won – by popular voice from the audience!  His wicked sense of humour was appreciated by the crowd!

He also had sporting talent representing the school in athletics and basketball.

From school Maurice attended Auckland University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Physics and Computer Studies.   In 1975 he joined Air New Zealand working in their Corporate Planning and Fleet Planning Division until 1987.

In 1987 he was elected to Parliament as the MP for Pakuranga and has held that position to this day.  He has held Ministerial positions in Transport, Science and Technology, Local Government, Broadcasting, Communications, and been the Associate Minister of Health and Education.  Currently Maurice is the Minister for Building and Construction, Minister of Customs, Minister for Land Information and Minister of Statistics.  He is also a Director of Holyoake Industries.

Over his lifetime Maurice had flown over four million kilometres internationally – 12 years with Air New Zealand and 27 years as an MP.  There is hardly a country in the world that he has not visited.  His travel has included Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Asia, South America, Africa, India, USA, Canada and over 300 trips to Australia.

His work has impacted on many parts of society.  His proudest work was bringing in the photo drivers licence which had the biggest reduction on the road toll of any measure ever taken.

Maurice is happy to keep doing what he is doing at the moment until the day he retires.

He and his wife Raewyn live in Pakuranga with their three kids Simon, Connor and Brittany.  Maurice’s mother is still a resident of Matamata.