Mark Hitchcock

1997 to 2001

Mark attended Matamata College from 1997 to 2001.  He was gifted in all fields – academic, sport and culture.  After Bursary, Mark went on to study at the University of Auckland.  Mark was Head Boy in his final year, played in the 1st XV rugby team and the 1st XI cricket team in both 2000 and 2001.  As well he was to the forefront in athletics and cross country running, representing the school at zone, regional and national level.

Another of his passions was acting.  Mark played lead roles in the school productions in each of his five years – a talented and humorous actor.   One of the productions “Little Shop of Horrors” was his favourite playing the character “Seymour”.   Shakespeare Drama competitions was another of Mark’s passions.  For three years his group won the regional competition and went on to compete at national level.  Music took any spare moments Mark had left in his busy life.  He played in the concert band (5 years) and he and his mates set up a rock band that performed on numerous occasions at school assemblies.

Mark’s standout memories of Matamata College:

“I have many fond memories being part of the rugby and cricket teams in the last few years of college and becoming close friends with a lot of the boys involved.  I still catch up with many of them today.  The school productions were always put on to a very high standard and were great to be part of.  It’s an area that many of us will never really get a chance to be involved with ever again, so those moments will always be pretty special to me.  Lastly, being involved in various concert and rock bands always comes to mind when reminiscing over school days.  We’d practice at lunch times and perform at any chance we could get.  The rock bands I was involved in helped set the foundations for what I have gone on to do with my music – it’s a big part of my life now.”

On leaving school Mark attended University and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Property.   During his studies he received two scholarship from Auckland Uni – the Property Project Award and the GPA Award (A- average in his final year – 2005).

Mark’s first position was with Colliers International in Auckland where he was part of the Sales and Leasing Team.  After three years in Auckland working and playing in a band “The DC3” Mark ventured on his OE, which is still continuing!  In London he gained employment with Transport for London.  His position involves Commercial Letting (retail, office, industrial or land) and also has an involvement in the area of Asset Management (lease renewals, rent review negotiations etc).

Mark’s music career got started early on.  He and brother Steve started performing around Matamata while still at school and continued while at Uni in Auckland.  While still in NZ Mark and Steve made a pact to meet in London and start a band.  So it came about – four kiwis!  In London he met up with Andrew Coogan, a school mate, and learnt that while at Uni in Hamilton Andrew had become a drummer (quite bizarre as Andrew had never shown any interest in music at school).  He was invited to the initial “Jam”.  Number 4 member of the band Romy plays sax and keys.  Mark met Romy in Laos and it turned out that she recognised him from when he played at sister Jude’s 21st in NZ.  So Melic was formed!  They have performed at many famous venues in London including headlining at The 100 Club, The Troubadour and The Half Moon.  So far they have recorded three EPs.  Melic is yet to perform outside the UK, but that is on the agenda.

What with work and band Mark has found time to travel – his count so far is 65 countries – travelling with wife Kelly.

From Matamata College has come yet another very successful and talented young man with such an exciting future in front of him!




I have always been proud to have gone to Matamata College – a good solid public school that matches any other school across the board in my opinion!  It allowed me to get involved in many different sporting, cultural, social and academic activities.  It has helped shape me into a grounded rural lad, and given me a good solid base and ethic to take on life’s challenges.