Louise Fowler

1980 to 1984

Louise says her school days were fabulous and she has many special friends and positive memories from her four and bit years at Matamata College.  Louise was an “into everything” student.  She achieved highly in the classroom, was always a “fun” student, loved basketball and netball and was a very accomplished hurdler – another of Warwick Fenton’s protégés.  She was a senior title holder in 100 metres hurdles at Waikato Secondary School Champs.

Following her three years of training to be a Registered Nurse, Louise spent three years travelling Asia, Great Britain and Europe.  During that time she worked in many private and teaching hospitals.   She also worked as a Tour Guide in Europe – this was when she wished she had paid more attention in geography and history!

Currently Louise works as the Nurse Educator for the Medical Services at Tauranga Hospital.  In 2009 she finished her Post-graduate Diploma in Nursing and at the moment is working towards her Master of Nursing Degree.

Louise has continued her sporting interests.  She has run triathlons and been a keen white water kayaker.  Now her love is mountain biking, skiing and kayaking on flat water (something to do with being more than 30!)

Louise has two children, happily married and is a very fit active hard working Mum.

She married Glenn Dawson (but not the Glenn from Matamata), he was from over the hill in Tauranga and had also travelled extensively when they met (a bit later in life).  Glenn has been a policeman, builder and is now a primary school teacher.  Their son Blake,  is a busy mischievous 13 year old who is full of fun and energy.  He attends Aquinas College in Tauranga and enjoys all aspects of school.  Teri their 11 year old daughter is also full of fun and life.  She is a sports fanatic and also loves school, next year she will be in year 7 at Aquinas with her brother.