Louise Curragh

1985 to 1990

Louise was a “ball of energy.”  Modest and unassuming but with an underlying determination that has got her to the top of her profession.

She was a hard worker and achieved good results gaining six school certificate passes, 6th form certificate and a B Bursary in Form 7.  From school Louise studied at Canterbury University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology.  In 1998 she joined the New Zealand Police and has worked in the force for the last 14 years.  Louise currently holds the rank of Detective.  She investigates serious crime which has included many murders and high profile cases.  Louise has been able to get confessions from “crims” who have committed horrendous crimes.  Her work has taken her overseas policing in the Solomon Islands and Tonga.

Louise was an outstanding netballer.  She was a very talented WD.  Although not overly tall, Louise had an eye for the interception and she was quite a star during her era in College A.  Louise is right into fitness and has participated in a number of half marathons.

Louise has travelled extensively including the Middle East, Europe, Nepal, Japan, UK, Australia, Thailand and India.  She is always looking for the next challenge.  She says she is very content with her life but is always looking for the next big challenge – whether work related or travelling.