Kirsty Elliott

1983 to 1989

Kirsty was an outgoing young lady at school and was definitely heading for a super successful career post school days.  She was highly academic gaining excellent qualifications and grades.  Kirsty went on to complete a Bachelor of Law degree at Victoria University.


She went on to travel and spent a few years teaching English in Mexico, South Korea and Italy until she moved into communications and public relations.  Kirsty has worked most of her time in London for various clients and agencies.  She moved to Madrid in July 2014 and has started a consultancy doing PR work for New Zealand wineries in Europe and the US.

She can’t count the number of countries she has visited but has had no trouble communicating.  Kirsty speaks Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese – all thanks to her Matamata College French teacher, Dr Thirion who gave her a good foundation for linguistics.


She intends to spend a bit more time in Madrid but she is definitely getting closer to moving home again – hopefully for the 100th Reunion!