Josephine Peters (Raggett)

1972 to 1976

You will all (lots, anyway) remember Miss Cranswick (English Teacher) – Josephine was her niece and she lived with Dora and Elizabeth Cranswick throughout her schooling.  Josephine was in the Nick Jones era – lots of extremely bright students graduated in 1976.  Nick was Dux that year and he and Maree Gheerbrant were the head students.  Of course Josephine flew through SC and UE and post school became a Registered Nurse, gained a BA in Political Science and an MA in International Affairs.

At school Josephine was into hockey and athletics – specifically high jump.

She has nursed in NZ, Sydney, London and various states of the United States.  Currently she works in Public Health in Arlington County, Virginia, in various roles including the Planning and Education Chief for the Arlington County Public Health Division in Virginia.

When not working Josephine has found time to see the world – Australia, England, Europe, parts of the Caribbean, Canada (hiking in the Rockies) and of course the great country of New Zealand where the beach and tramping have been a major attraction.

Josephine has two awesome sons (which she claims as her biggest achievement).  One is part of a doctoral program at University of California, San Diego Scripps Institution of Oceanography (he’s a geologist and world traveller) and the other son is studying architecture at the University of Virginia.   She has enjoyed 29 happy years of marriage.

Josephine says most of her career highlights are related to public health, emergency preparedness and response.

She has learned to snorkel, hiked the Milford and Routeburn Track, parasailed and done many fun things.