Jason Van Hout


Jason trained as a Technical Architect ………….. where.  He has now had 11 years’ experience working within both the commercial and residential sectors.  Having completed a National Diploma in Architectural Technology as well as being a qualified Architectural Detailer, he has an advantage over colleagues within the architectural industry.  After carrying out the practical side of the construction process as site foreman in Ireland, he has now extended his architectural knowledge by being involved in the construction process from design to finish. Understanding the practical side of construction process gives him an advantage to design using the most practical, economical and efficient method possible. As Manager of a large construction design and fabrication plant in New Zealand Jason has perfected his ability to work to non-negotiable dead-lines, he’s gained great communication skills, has become a mentor amongst pairs and become a representative figure among the community. Working and living abroad has made him more open minded and adaptable to work alongside people and different cultures from all around the world.

Jason has worked for five years in Ireland where he met his Irish wife.  They spent five and a half years in NZ then relocated to the UAE (Abu Dhabi) and worked for two years with BDP (Architecture).  Recently they have got a transfer back to Ireland.  They are expecting their first child imminently .