George Miller

1958 to 1960

George has had a diverse and full life and is now enjoying retirement.

He gained School Certificate and from school he completed an apprenticeship in Radio/TV Electronics.  He then did a stint in Melbourne where he worked at AWA TV then returned to New Zealand where he obtained a full trucking licence.  It appears George has spent a considerable amount of time at University gaining qualifications.  He has graduated with a BSc, MSc (Microbiology) and a Dip Management Studies.   It was while studying for his MSc that he returned to Electronics for two years, then moved away again – who services TVs today, they are built to last forever!

George has been employed for twelve years in Electronics, then as a Research Officer at NZDRI for ten years, joined DB Beer for 18 months and then in the Dairy Industry where he as visited every site in New Zealand.

He’s found time to do all the usual travel – UK, Europe, USA, Aussie – and of course New Zealand.

George has a daughter, who is always on the move!

George recalls many of the “old teachers” of his day commenting they were all good staff members.  (Peter Dibble, Vic Lewis, Margaret Jellie, Elizabeth Cranswick, Doc Bibby, G McB Salt, Arthur Lucas, Joy Tompkins and Percy Stone)  That’s a list of who’s who of the day!

He remembers many of his contemporaries of the time – Diane MacKenzie, Sandra Knight, Doc Bibby’s son, Dudley Keightley, Riley Bell, Jerome Pickering, Kim Pond, Gary Collins – if any of those people read this please contact me so I can add you to the database for the reunion.  (Sheelah Lamb

Oh, I forgot to mention, George starred as a 220 yard runner.  He also played footy at Ngarua (1953 and he never found the changing sheds!) where Ngarua were beaten by Walton (I can’t believe that! – sorry Walton players .  Sounds like primary school to me.)