Fritz Scheidegger

1958 to 1960

Fritz came from a soccer playing country but during his school years he had little interest in that sport.  He played a bit of hockey and bought all the gear to play tennis but never got an opportunity to get on the court.


He loved the Military training.  Fritz was an enthusiastic cadet and won “Top Cadet” jointly with his friend Jimmy Page-Bell.  Apparently those in charge orchestrated a one on one duel (not sure what was involved) but as neither made a mistake the award was shared.  Military Drill was abandoned at this school about 1964.  No doubt there were many happy boys at that stage!  Fritz enjoyed the discipline that the Cadet training offered.  However Fritz has never forgotten that he didn’t get to take the award home.  When he attended the last reunion he attempted to find the trophy but to no avail.


Soon after entering the workforce Fritz started an apprenticeship in Engineering

specializing in Tool and Die making.  On completion of his apprenticeship the owners of the Company asked him to stay in a supervisory position with a staff of 85 workers.


After ten years with the Company he moved on to a position of Senior Engineer with an International Lock Manufacturer.


Two years later Fritz started his own Engineering Company in Albany, North Auckland, with a staff of 14.  After 34 interesting years he sold all the plant and retired.


While he was in business he frequently travelled to many countries all over the world.


Fritz is of Swiss heritage Fritz but very much a Kiwi.  However he has not forgotten his birth heritage and he became President of the Auckland Swiss Club for several years before retiring from that position.


Forever he has had a passion for off-road four wheel driving.  This hobby led to Fritz becoming president of that club for some years.  He has now been made an honorary life- time member.  The off-road hobby gave Fritz the opportunity to lead the design of a special vehicle, built by a team of members to take to China and compete in an international competition in 2004.  (Pictured)


Fritz and his family are all keen skiers.  He has taught his wife and seven children to ski.  This season he has started teaching some of the grandchildren skiing.  He currently has nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


He is still very active in the Swiss Club, where they have their own licensed rifle range.  Fritz is an enthusiastic shooter, both target and hunting.