Fiona Williams (Bishop)

1973 to 1977

Fiona attended school from 1973-1979.  She was involved in the choir, acquired life saving qualifications and played hockey.  Fiona gained a Bursary and then went on to train as a nurse.

She has continued to gain qualifications throughout her nursing career and is now a Senior Nurse Educator.

After graduating in 1981 as a Registered General and Obstetric nurse, Fiona then gained a Bachelor of Nursing, a Post-graduate Certificate in Orthopaedics from Oxford, UK (Hons), and a Post-graduate Diploma in Nursing from Victoria University.  She has worked four years in Orthopaedics in Tauranga, 2½ year in UK (working, gaining qualifications and travelling) then back to Tauranga for fourteen years in Orthopaedics and for the last ten years Fiona has worked in Nursing Education.

As Senior Nurse Educator Fiona runs a “Return to Nursing” course for nurses returning to the workforce.  She is on the National Committee for Intravenous Practice for Nurses and is currently organising a national conference in this field.

For recreational activity Fiona is a scuba diver and she has done dives in many places around New Zealand and in the UK.

Fiona has two lovely teenage sons – one at Waikato Uni and one sitting NCEA Level 2 this year.  Both are gearing towards careers in marine/conservation/environmental research.