Claire Adams (Robinson)

1979 to 1982

Claire was born in Christchurch and when 4 months her family moved to Matamata for her father Peter to take up a position on the College staff in 1966.  Claire attended Matamata Primary School and the Intermediate where she competed in speech and poetry contests with fellow pupil James Eldridge always ‘winning by a whisker’! Participating in productions with her friend Alison Chambers was fun.

She learned Tenor Horn and played in the local Matamata Brass Band. A natural artistic ability developed with Art for School Certificate and with a flair for colours and arrangement of room interiors she enjoyed designing and making beautiful invitation, menu and occasion cards.  After College she was accepted for both an Art and Design Couse in Hamilton and Nursing Studies based in Rotorua and chose the latter as her main career. She graduated in 1996 and married Steve, a lively local youth Pastor.

An Australian experience came next with a position at Albury Hospital NSW for Claire and their involvement in youth/camp work.

Returning to NZ saw them as a capable leadership team at the Kaitoke Valley Youth Camp , Wellington.

In 1990 they attended a years study at an Auckland Bible School and followed this with orcharding and nursing at Edgecumbe in the BOP.

Their son Chad, daughter Monique and youngest Blake were all born in the ensuing years.

Family life, hospitality and church service continued in Masterton, Hamilton and then to the Hutt Valley where Claire enjoyed a position at the large Ropata Medical Centre. Back now in Tauranga Claire is involved with the Bayfair Medical Centre in primary health care while Steve has an extensive travelling ministry in his role as Youth Consultant with Scripture Union in BOP and Waikato. With his friendly manner and humour he can draw from his wide experience to encourage, advise and mentor leaders individually and at conferences.

Their delightful committed family have had times of learning in USA, Australia and NZ, are now married and settled in Hamilton.

Steve and Claire enjoy being grandparents to Levi, Paige and Mackenzie.