Andrew Grinder

1983 to 1986

Andrew left school after his 5th form year and completed his education with a corporate-sponsored tertiary program under David Levene’s management, culminating in a diploma of Business Management.

At school Andrew played basketball and was the team captain of the cycling team which was a new initiative at that time.

He has worked extensively in NZ and overseas.  In New Zealand Andrew owned a couple of restaurants in Ashburton and Pirongia before spending several years based in the UK running multi-national and national company’s sales and marketing divisions.  He is currently General Manager of the MCP group of companies with offices and factories throughout New Zealand and China.

He has travelled extensively with his wife, Gemma, to over 40 countries and continues to travel internationally every month for business.

In his “hay-day” Andrew was a Professional Opera Singer for some years and Theatre Director for several more years until he decided he didn’t like living in poverty!  His greatest achievement was finding his beautiful wife and starting a family.

Personally, Andrew now lives just outside Christchurch and is content to stay there for the foreseeable future.  Professionally his intention is to grow the companies that he stewards and make appropriate acquisitions to support the New Zealand families that rely on the success of his companies.

Andrew is very proud of his gorgeous one year old daughter who finally arrived after years of trying!