Media Studies

Media Studies focuses on how society relates to and communicates their ideas through media. By designing and creating their own media products, such as music videos and short films, students gain design and technical skills along with deepening their understanding of how meaning can be created through media texts. Students are able to push their creativity and express their ideas through this process and can experiment with their filming and editing. Here are some screenshots from this year’s music videos created by the Year 12 students and short films created by the Year 13 students:

This year’s MOSCARS was an awesome night for the Year 12 and 13 Media students to showcase their hard work. We got treated to a huge variety of music videos followed by the Year 13’s wildly creative short films. We ended the night awarding those who showed excellence in various aspects of film making with trophies. It was a great night for students as well as those who came and supported.


Other student work: