Last week our year 13 Drama students had their final production. A Thomas Sainsbury play called Dance troupe supreme, a dance troupe has been formed. A tour has been organised. Now it’s just time to dance, dance, dance. Join Charlotte, Amber, Kelly-Anna, Sean James and their stage manager, Honcho, as they tour New Zealand. Watch them interact with the locals, starve themselves to perfection, and live out their dreams to audiences of seven and to the bustling beat of Britney Spears. Like with all of Sainsbury’s plays; it makes you laugh – and then feel guilty for laughing.

The cast:

Kelly-Anna/Gibson:                                 Maisie Bennett

Sean-James:                                            D’Artagnan Lewis

Amber:                                                      Bridget Crabb

Charlotte:                                                  Aria Berg

Honcho:                                                    Alne Kloppers

Jen/Susan/Dancer:                                  Vanessa Burling-Claridge

Chorus & various cameos:                     Stephanie Isabeth

Chorus & various cameos:                     Chey Johansen

Chorus & various cameos:                     Connor Haskett

Lighting Design & Operation:                Glenn Rowsell

Director:                                                    Natalie McBean

Words from the cast:

After being back at MMC for a short while it was quite a shock getting one of the lead roles as Charlotte. The thing I’ve enjoyed most about this play would be the suttle humor in every scene of the play, the way Tom Sainsbury has slipped in some lines is incredible- even on stage I still find myself giggling. I feel the performance will be extremely rewarding as it will just tie together the past term of rehearsals. Everyone has been great over the course of this play and the rehearsals have been a laugh. – Aria Berg

Well when I first took on the role of Sean James, I found it extremely hard to portray this character because it was the complete opposite of my personality and everything I stood for. But as we practiced more and I become more comfortable in the role I found myself really enjoying the play and laughing at all the cheesy jokes and doing the dances in my sleep. Makes the whole experience even more special being able to do it with my friends and class mates….. – D’Artagnan Lewis

A HUGE thank you to Glenn Rowsell for his inspired lighting design and operation. Without him, Drama at MMC could not exist!

And of course thanks to all parents and to everyone who came to watch for continuing to support the Arts in our community and Drama here at Matamata College.

We had great turn outs for all of the nights it was on and everyone had fun watching it, many leaving with sore faces from laughing so much.