I wish to thank the many volunteers, sponsors, staff, parents and community members who commit so much to provide sporting opportunities for our students. We simply could not offer what we do without your support – so thank you.

To co-ordinate this prize giving is a huge exercise and it is important that we acknowledge those responsible. In particular I acknowledge the efforts of Head of Physical Education, Wendy Davidson and our wonderful Sports Co-ordinating team of Kim Lawrence and new addition, Kirstin Atkinson, for their efforts to make this evening the success it was.

Major Awards
Katie Fountain – Most Persevering Sportswoman – Mrs W Livingstone Trophy
Harrison Fountain & Reuben Jones – Most Persevering Sportsman – Wells Cup
Te Aorere Wharawhara – Sportswoman of the Year – Morrison Trophy
Ethan Wallace – Sportsman of the Year – McGlashan Trophy
Te Aorere Wharawhara – Best All-round Sportsperson – Millennium Trophy

Māori Sports Awards
Alex Thompson – Junior Māori Sportswoman – Te Wairere Trophy
Tamati Sydney – Junior Māori Sportsman – Eric Kirkness Trophy
Te Aorere Wharawhara – Senior Māori Sportswoman – Papatuanuku Trophy
Joel Waru – Senior Māori Sportsman – Ranginui Trophy

Special Awards
Murray Hawkings – Coach of the Year – Glenn Rowsell Award
Snr Girls’ Volleyball – Team of the Year – Butch Tuhakaraina Award
Lynda Goodwin – Volunteer of the Year – Donna Gaskell Trophy
Mollie Allison – Junior Sportswoman of the Year – Junior Sportswoman Trophy
Braedyn Henderson – Junior Sportsman of the Year – Junior Sportsman Trophy

National Honours
Braedyn Henderson – New Zealand Secondary Schools’ Squash Team
Te Aorere Wharawhara – New Zealand Youth Women’s Volleyball Team

Featured image above: Te Aorere Wharawhara, Ethan Wallace, Harrison Fountain, Katie Fountain & Reuben Jones

Pictured below: Te Aorere Wharawhara, Joel Waru & Alex Thompson