Congratulations on NCEA Success

Our overall results were very encouraging, especially at Year 11 where 51.3% of students sitting Level 1 NCEA gained the award with either Merit or Excellence endorsement. The following students contributed to some of our best Level 1 results ever: Hay-den Aiken, Anna Williams, Jenna Warrender, Jamie Marshall, Ally-Jane McDonald, Jordan Chevis, Caleb McDonnell, Aimee Burnell, Caleb Schwabauer, Shernelle Tan, Bridget Crabb, Owen Veltman, Kate Smitstra, Kim Herberg, Matthew Lansdaal, Patrick Roskam, Tailah Bradnock, Rueben Jones, Harrison Fountain, Katie Fountain, Jennifer Anderson, Flynn Drysdale-Dunn, Brooke Dun-bar, Pavan Singh, Harriet Yeoman and Blake Storey.

As students move into Level 2 and 3 it becomes increasingly more difficult to attain endorsement. Congratulations to the following 2016 Year 12 and 13 students who attained Excellence endorsement.

At Level 2: Nicole Butterworth, Thomas Anderton, Olivia Carter, Awhina Pearce, Benjamin Lincoln, Kimika Clements, Kate Han-cock, Yaveshree Sharma, Amy Dean, Chelsie Park, Talia Parker, Annelisa Tiddy, Serenity Zillwood, Marc Russenberger.

At Level 3: Hayley Gibson, Daniel Lansdaal, Tayla-Jay Dearlove, Shelby Coulson, and Lauren Drysdale. Congratulations to all these excellence endorsements and the many others at each year level who gained merit endorsements.

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