2017 School Year Begins

The powhiri for our new students was well attended as our Year 9 roll has been boosted with several late enrolments. The orientation for Year 9 students that followed over the first two days, gave them the opportunity to get a feel for the school and find their way around without the masses.

Our Year 13 class were here on day one to welcome our new students. They then em-barked on a three day programme aimed at refocusing for 2017 and the challenges of Year 13. My thanks to Mr Kilham, Mrs Tay-lor, Mrs Hancock and Mrs Burgess-Munro for their work over the three days, including the overnight camp at Totara Springs.

The remainder of the school were quickly into their academic programme on arrival on Thursday. My thanks to the Year Level Deans who have put lots of time and effort into sorting timetables and appropriate courses for students.

As I signalled last year, a very small Year 10 cohort and an active job market has impacted on our roll numbers. We have had a number of new enrolments but it will take 3-4 weeks for our roll to stabilise. As subject/class numbers confirm we will continue to explore if we are able to make changes to better meet the needs of our students.